About Start Digital Academy

Help more clients & feel confident with your business online

Business owners struggle.

Yes, trust me, we have all been there!

The reality of running your own business

Running your own business isn’t an easy path. It might seem effortless for others on social media but the truth is – there is a lot more happening behind the scenes. 

Start Digital Academy is here to help entrepreneurs building their online foundation. People who sell services online. We are kicking off with a practical course about how to create a effective and stunning website for your business.  

You need more than just a nice feed

Building, launching and running a business online requires a strong foundation, effective work flows and willpower. Business owners who want to grow and scale need a strategy digital tools, software to scale up their impact. Believe it or not, but you need more than just a nice social media feed. 


When overwhelm kicks in..

All these digital tools and things you need to keep in mind as an entrepreneur can feel overwhelming. You are your own accountant, product creator, marketer, salesperson while you are giving your clients the best experience. The extra things you can do to make your business grow are more challenging. 

Using existing systems, workflows and templates can take away the stress and make running a business easier. 

We all struggle, let’s face it together

This is why Start Digital Academy exists. Why struggle if you can follow step by step processes that have worked for other businesses and entrepreneurs? Why holding back when you can thrive with your business online? Why not helping more people and let the tools do their work?

I’m passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs with creating stunning and effective websites, so you can work with your ideal clients and help more people and build the business you love.

– Nienke Nina

I love to organise, create workflows and optimise processes. And I love website design and digital marketing.

Someone that shows you how to make a website for your business with engaging and selling content. Isn’t your entrepreneur life more comfortable if you learn what you need to put on your website and where to place it? And wouldn’t it save you so much time if you can follow templates and customise it to your own designs?

Planning is my thing

I’ve been travelling while working remotely for 5 years. For me to achieve I needed to break my days, understand how my energy flows and keep a healthy work-life balance. It took me some years (obstacles and adventures and challenges) and (change not mine) I’m finally close to living life on my own terms.  

Marketing & Website design

My passion for design and marketing I combine with effective website design. I truly believe that a website should always be stunning and effective. A beautiful design that doesn’t work adds no value to your business. A website that works but isn’t attractive won’t keep your customers hooked and also fails.

Working from the tropics

My ongoing travel lifestyle, working with entrepreneurs and being a business owner myself taught me to organise, create effective work processes. By breaking up big tasks into smaller assignments and exercises. I have helped clients with creating successful websites from the tropics.

We create digital products for entrepreneurs. We want to help business owners to create smart, effective and client-winning ideas.
So you can really Start Digital.

– Nienke Nina

Entrepreneurs that worked with Start Digital say:

”I LOVED what you have created. Very minimalistic, simple and easy to digest. Love the tips. And as an entrepreneur, I found it super helpful when I build my website. Love that you include examples as well”


Reisy | Entrepreneur
Trabajando Remoto

”Nina really helped me set up the foundation of the website and created nice templates that I can now use myself when updating my website. She has lots of knowledge and really listens to what you want. She has a really professional & structured way of working via Notion, she keeps a great overview of everything that needs to happen and this really helped me get through this project.” .

Joëlle | Funnel Expert

”Nina’s experience both in design and digital marketing makes working with her super relevant as she won’t only design a nice website but also have a more global approach about how to use your website as part of your overall sales and marketing funnel.”

Pierre | Finance Expert