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Nienke Nina

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Planning is my thing

I’ve been travelling while working remotely for 5 years. For me to achieve I needed to break my days, understand how my energy flows and keep a healthy work-life balance. It took me some years (obstacles and adventures and challenges) and (change not mine) I’m finally close to living life on my own terms.  

Marketing & Website Design

My passion for design and marketing I combine with effective website design. I truly believe that a website should always be stunning and effective. A beautiful design that doesn’t work adds no value to your business. A website that works but isn’t attractive won’t keep your customers hooked and also fails.  

Working from the tropics

My ongoing travel lifestyle, working with entrepreneurs and being a business owner myself taught me to organise, create effective work processes. By breaking up big tasks into smaller assignments and exercises. I have helped clients with creating successful websites from the tropics.

Creating digital products for entrepreneurs. I want to help business owners to create smart, effective and client-winning ideas.
So you can really Start Digital.

– Nienke Nina